I am still in shock, that my photo was chosen. A goal or dream of mine has been to have a photograph published in a magazine. I decided to submit four photos, the category I decided to try was Original Art or Image/Quote Pairings. The photography magazine is One Twenty-Five…which is fairly new, but awesome, so glad to be apart of such talent. Actually, I have a few friends that have articles written in this October issue. Hopefully next time, I will be brave enough to submit for an article, etc.

When trying to take this photo of myself holding the magazine, I had put my camera on my tripod and it fell off and hit the ground…I could have died. It scared me so bad, for my camera and lens are not cheap…and I also have a photography conference I will be attending in two weeks….so I am BEYOND happy that it is okay. So I had Rylee take the one of me using my remote timer. It took three tries..but we got one. Obviously, I am SO EXCITED about this, can’t you tell…lol!!

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