Fall in New England

We let our hearts dream of Fall in New England and before we knew it, we were on our way to a spontaneous 45th birthday celebration and last minute sister-getaway. Armed with our boots, our plaid, and our cameras, we set off to find adventure.

And we did.

A slow drive from New Hampshire to Vermont with our eyes peeled for covered bridges, a Friday in upstate New York, a surprise Apple Orchard where we made new friends and talked about Jesus between the trees and the tractor, breakfast at Sugar and Spice and the best pumpkin pancakes and maple walnut waffles, an accidental stumble upon a waterfall in the woods, pizza on the lake, little shops and a big gorge, Farmer’s Markets and Coffee Shops.

Those were a few of our favorite things.

We missed the peak colors but saw peeks of color and beauty everywhere we looked. It was a trip we’ll never forget. Moments tucked safely in our hearts. Memories planted deep in our souls. And a growing desire to find our way back again soon.

**I ask my sister, Shelly… to write the summary for these photos..she’s a writer..and I think she could capture the essence of our trip better…plus it was her birthday trip!! **

Perseverance Pays Off

Omgosh…I can’t believe it! I just received an email that said this!! 😳😳😳😊😊😊💃💃💃

Dear Vicki,

Congratulations! We LOVE your work and are so EXCITED to welcome you to ClickPro!

Incase you don’t know what this is-

Click Pro is a modern network of highly skilled professional photographers and independent artists. Membership is application based, and invitation is extended on the basis of an 150 image portfolio evaluation by Click & Company.

It’s been three years since my last application. I’ve been working on my set for a while now. To say I’m stoked is an understatement. This has been a VERY long personal goal of mine..and I’m so happy to have reached it! This was my ****FOURTH**** time to apply!

Here’s my accepted set –