Sweetness Of Home

It’s always good for my soul, to take my kids back to the place I call home. To spend time with their maw-maw, paw-paw, & all my family. A simple home full of love, the moment I walk back in my parents home…I can just breathe better!

We had a great Spring break…walking to the river (behind my parents house), trying to catch crawfish with paw-paw, riding bikes from the front yard to the back yard..a million times. Painting, playing cards, pony riding, zip lining…and just having fun. We did go roller skating..but I didn’t want to test out my photography skills while skating..haha! Even thought I can hold my own on some skates..haha.

These photographs make me feel so emotional, for I know one day…long after my most treasured loved ones are gone, even me..my kids & their kids…and generations after..will pull these photos out of boxes or albums..and talk about the good times.

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