Perseverance Pays Off

Omgosh…I can’t believe it! I just received an email that said this!! 😳😳😳😊😊😊💃💃💃

Dear Vicki,

Congratulations! We LOVE your work and are so EXCITED to welcome you to ClickPro!

Incase you don’t know what this is-

Click Pro is a modern network of highly skilled professional photographers and independent artists. Membership is application based, and invitation is extended on the basis of an 150 image portfolio evaluation by Click & Company.

It’s been three years since my last application. I’ve been working on my set for a while now. To say I’m stoked is an understatement. This has been a VERY long personal goal of mine..and I’m so happy to have reached it! This was my ****FOURTH**** time to apply!

Here’s my accepted set –


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