(2/52) - I took this because it's who I am, who I aspire to be...a woman of God, a prayer warrior! Prayer is one of the most important things in my life. I truly believe it is one of the callings, to intercede for the people he places on my heart daily, This year, I am striving for a deep prayer life, to be more present in my walk with him, to put all other things aside and have a stronger relationship with Jesus.   Not only am I doing this Project 52 for my photography, but I have a goal to read the bible in a year. I have attempted this many times an failed. But, I will keep on trying. I am far from perfect, I never will be...I fail every single day, in my walk with him, as a parent, as a wife, a friend...but I have peace in knowing that he loves my unconditionally  no matter what. This is where my heart is this morning...so I thought creating this image is how I wanted to show that.