Sweetness Of Home

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It’s always good for my soul, to take my kids back to the place I call home. To spend time with their maw-maw, paw-paw, & all my family. A simple home full of love, the moment I walk back in my parents home…I can just breathe better! We had a great Spring break…walking to the… Keep Reading

Finding Wonder

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Usually after a long week, we head over to our land on the weekend…(we are currently in a rental home……with really no yard), so it’s so nice to have a little over 1o acres to go to relax. Lately, I have felt so uninspired……and rarely pick up my camera…(I have been super sick for weeks, with… Keep Reading

“Man In My Life”


  These make my heart so happy! This is Rylee’s first official dance, she’s in second grade! New outfit, a little eyeshadow, lipstick…and curled hair! I can’t wait to see how it goes! I took these before they left! ❤️❤️   Vicki

Eight is Great…


Rylee turned EIGHT in December, how can that be?? I had her yesterday, right…lol?! I do believe she will be passing me up in height for sure. I wanted to take some special photographs of her, since she rarely lets me take any when I have my camera out, plus she recently got some super… Keep Reading