Fall in New England


We let our hearts dream of Fall in New England and before we knew it, we were on our way to a spontaneous 45th birthday celebration and last minute sister-getaway. Armed with our boots, our plaid, and our cameras, we set off to find adventure. And we did. A slow drive from New Hampshire to… Keep Reading

Perseverance Pays Off


Omgosh…I can’t believe it! I just received an email that said this!! 😳😳😳😊😊😊💃💃💃 Dear Vicki, Congratulations! We LOVE your work and are so EXCITED to welcome you to ClickPro! Incase you don’t know what this is- WHAT IS CLICK PRO? Click Pro is a modern network of highly skilled professional photographers and independent artists. Membership… Keep Reading

Hello September

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I felt a little inspired today…and I decided to get my camera out.    

Summer Vacation

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It’s been two years since our last vacation. So this one was well over due. Honestly, the last few years have been tough ones, so we both just needed a break! We rented a secluded cabin on Beaver Lake, on 143 acres in Arkansas for 7 days, no wifi, no phone service, long dirt back… Keep Reading

“Man In My Life”


  These make my heart so happy! This is Rylee’s first official dance, she’s in second grade! New outfit, a little eyeshadow, lipstick…and curled hair! I can’t wait to see how it goes! I took these before they left! ❤️❤️   Vicki

Favorite 16 of 2016


Yes, I am behind on posting this! It was a rough year for me personally, and I was in a funk with my photography for most of it. However, I did manage to take some photographs I love. Vicki

Taller than the trees…


“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees” – Henry David Thoreau  Oh, be still my heart….to see my beautiful girls with their daddy. He loves them SO very much…and I could just sit back and watch them all together, all day long. That quote is one of my very… Keep Reading

Eight is Great…


Rylee turned EIGHT in December, how can that be?? I had her yesterday, right…lol?! I do believe she will be passing me up in height for sure. I wanted to take some special photographs of her, since she rarely lets me take any when I have my camera out, plus she recently got some super… Keep Reading



     I am still in shock, that my photo was chosen. A goal or dream of mine has been to have a photograph published in a magazine. I decided to submit four photos, the category I decided to try was Original Art or Image/Quote Pairings. The photography magazine is One Twenty-Five…which is fairly new, but… Keep Reading