Fall in New England

We let our hearts dream of Fall in New England and before we knew it, we were on our way to a spontaneous 45th birthday celebration and last minute sister-getaway. Armed with our boots, our plaid, and our cameras, we set off to find adventure.

And we did.

A slow drive from New Hampshire to Vermont with our eyes peeled for covered bridges, a Friday in upstate New York, a surprise Apple Orchard where we made new friends and talked about Jesus between the trees and the tractor, breakfast at Sugar and Spice and the best pumpkin pancakes and maple walnut waffles, an accidental stumble upon a waterfall in the woods, pizza on the lake, little shops and a big gorge, Farmer’s Markets and Coffee Shops.

Those were a few of our favorite things.

We missed the peak colors but saw peeks of color and beauty everywhere we looked. It was a trip we’ll never forget. Moments tucked safely in our hearts. Memories planted deep in our souls. And a growing desire to find our way back again soon.

**I ask my sister, Shelly… to write the summary for these photos..she’s a writer..and I think she could capture the essence of our trip better…plus it was her birthday trip!! **

Perseverance Pays Off

Omgosh…I can’t believe it! I just received an email that said this!! 😳😳😳😊😊😊💃💃💃

Dear Vicki,

Congratulations! We LOVE your work and are so EXCITED to welcome you to ClickPro!

Incase you don’t know what this is-

Click Pro is a modern network of highly skilled professional photographers and independent artists. Membership is application based, and invitation is extended on the basis of an 150 image portfolio evaluation by Click & Company.

It’s been three years since my last application. I’ve been working on my set for a while now. To say I’m stoked is an understatement. This has been a VERY long personal goal of mine..and I’m so happy to have reached it! This was my ****FOURTH**** time to apply!

Here’s my accepted set –


Summer Vacation

It’s been two years since our last vacation. So this one was well over due. Honestly, the last few years have been tough ones, so we both just needed a break! We rented a secluded cabin on Beaver Lake, on 143 acres in Arkansas for 7 days, no wifi, no phone service, long dirt back roads to get there…it was nice. We stayed in Oklahoma on the first night, since we didn’t want to drive for 10 hours with kiddos..5 & 8! They actually did really good on the trip! We did a few things in Eureka Springs, but I’m disappointed that I didn’t get any photos from that little town, but it was just too hard with our kids…for me to walk around with my camera all day. It was overall a wonderful vacation. My parents joined us for a few days, which was nice. Oh, I also have been trying my hand at freelensing…not totally great at it..but I’m attaching some photographs of that too. This is a large share, so thank you so much for looking! I haven’t shared in a while, or picked up my camera lately, but I always get inspired when I’m at a new place. Now back to reality, both my girls started school. Channing is in kindergarten (how did that happen??) & Rylee third grade!

2L3A0433 copy 2 2L3A0469 2L3A0474 copy 2L3A0484 copy 2 2L3A0487 copy 2L3A0488 copy 2L3A0489 copy 2L3A0491 2L3A0496 2L3A0503 copy 2L3A0542 copy 2L3A0575 copy 2L3A0590 copy 2L3A0596 copy 2L3A0604 2L3A0613 copy 2L3A0623 2L3A0650 copy 2L3A0657 copy 2 2L3A0661 copy 2 2L3A0673 2L3A0681 2L3A0820 2L3A0845 copy 2L3A0860 2L3A0911 2L3A0943 copy 2L3A0950 copy 2 2L3A0964 copy 2L3A0965 copy 2L3A0970 copy 2L3A0994 2L3A1001 2L3A1088 copy 2L3A1101 copy 2L3A1114 copy 2L3A1170 copy 2L3A1171 copy

Sweetness Of Home

It’s always good for my soul, to take my kids back to the place I call home. To spend time with their maw-maw, paw-paw, & all my family. A simple home full of love, the moment I walk back in my parents home…I can just breathe better!

We had a great Spring break…walking to the river (behind my parents house), trying to catch crawfish with paw-paw, riding bikes from the front yard to the back yard..a million times. Painting, playing cards, pony riding, zip lining…and just having fun. We did go roller skating..but I didn’t want to test out my photography skills while skating..haha! Even thought I can hold my own on some skates..haha.

These photographs make me feel so emotional, for I know one day…long after my most treasured loved ones are gone, even me..my kids & their kids…and generations after..will pull these photos out of boxes or albums..and talk about the good times.

2L3A8569 copy 2L3A8593 copy 2L3A8600 copy 2L3A8609 copy 2L3A8616 copy 2L3A8756 copy 2L3A8794 copy 2L3A8849 2L3A8850 2L3A8887 copy 2L3A8893 2L3A8957 copy 2L3A8959 copy 2L3A8975 copy 2L3A8979 copy 2L3A9000 copy 2L3A9078 copy 2L3A9092 copy 2L3A9094 copy 2L3A9124 2L3A9128 2L3A9140 2L3A9143 copy 2L3A9160 2L3A9165


Finding Wonder

Usually after a long week, we head over to our land on the weekend…(we are currently in a rental home……with really no yard), so it’s so nice to have a little over 1o acres to go to relax. Lately, I have felt so uninspired……and rarely pick up my camera…(I have been super sick for weeks, with Bronchitis as well too…finally better) or even sit at my computer. My photographs sit on my camera for weeks, until I finally find a free moment to edit them. I took these on February 12th..and today I downloaded…! Better late than never.

It is always such a joy to my heart to watch my kids play in wide open spaces, and just be kids. I had the best childhood…and I have such wonderful memories of feeling free……and was able to explore. I grew up on acreage in the country…and actually my parents still live in the same house. We wanted the same for our kids…that’s why we decided to buy the land, to build our dream home on. I know that most of my post seem to say the same thing…and I sound like a broken record….but I am just looking forward to finally feeling settled. Hopefully, we will start building within the next month or so…we are currently waiting on bids. Please be praying that it all works out.

A few of these photos, the one of Keith and Rylee……they are standing in the spot that our house will be built. The one with Rylee pulling on the string, well that’s the outline we have for show where our new home will go. I have tried to take a photo of the entire area…but the string and the grass blend it together……..making it hard to see.

I love these so much…and can’t wait to print some for our new house….! I have a confession…I have ZERO photos hanging on my wall…and don’t print them either…so horrible. One of my New Year’s Resolution is to change that……haha. Hopefully, before the year is up…I will have albums full and some framed for the new house.

I still have plenty more photos to edit…so be prepared for new blog post!!

2L3A7945 copy 2L3A7955 2L3A7958 2L3A7982 copy 2L3A7984 copy 2L3A7992 2L3A8003 copy 2L3A8006 2L3A8018 2L3A8026 2L3A8030 2L3A8061 copy 2L3A8065 2L3A8074 2L3A8085


“Man In My Life”


These make my heart so happy! This is Rylee’s first official dance, she’s in second grade! New outfit, a little eyeshadow, lipstick…and curled hair! :)

I can’t wait to see how it goes! I took these before they left! ❤️❤️


image image image image image


Taller than the trees…

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees” – Henry David Thoreau

 Oh, be still my heart….to see my beautiful girls with their daddy. He loves them SO very much…and I could just sit back and watch them all together, all day long. That quote is one of my very favorites, and I do believe this series of photographs fit it perfect for sure.  I took these at our land, which we hope to build our dream home on soon…we are trying….in the process of finding the right builder.  10 acres of peace & quiet, where they feed the deer….get dirty, ride bikes…..explore…and just be kids.  A simple life in the Texas Hill Country.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2L3A7732 2L3A7744 2L3A7745 2L3A7750 2L3A7753 2L3A7764 2L3A7770 copy 2L3A7783 2L3A7790 copy 2L3A7815 2L3A7820 copy 2L3A7827 2L3A7836 2L3A7841 2L3A7845 2L3A7846 copy 2L3A7847 copy 2L3A7852 copy


Eight is Great…

Rylee turned EIGHT in December, how can that be?? I had her yesterday, right…lol?! I do believe she will be passing me up in height for sure. I wanted to take some special photographs of her, since she rarely lets me take any when I have my camera out, plus she recently got some super cute pink glasses! :)  Oh, and I curled her hair for these…!! :)

She is gorgeous.

She is smart.

She is shy.

She is an artist.

 She is a beautiful soul.

image image image